RHT Road Test, July 2019: Nantucket


Our Nantucket testing environmentOur Nantucket testing environment

The RHT Road Test Series: Our mission at Red Hook Textiles is to impact economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa. We can't do that without a great product. To deliver on that promise, we test all of our RHT gear to ensure it holds up to your highest expectations. Mostly that means we do work of pulling seams, washing and rewashing, and scuffing fabric back at the RHT Labs (i.e. the office). But sometimes, that means hitting the road to test RHT out in the real world...

In July of 2019, we got out of town to cool down, which gave us the perfect opportunity for some real-world product testing. Because quality assurance never goes on vacation ;)

The brief for this test was simple yet demanding: Get from the city to the beach and back, using an RHT Weekender at every opportunity. We designed four separate product tests to examine the tote for versatility, strength, practicality, and style.

Test 1 saw our RHT Weekender slot smoothly into an overhead bin. We even had enough room left over for our Daily Tote to hitch a ride. So far, so good.

In Test 2, the RHT Weekender had to transition quickly from travel to beach duties. Towels, sunblock, and sandwiches all arrived safely: mission accomplished.

Test 3 made use of the RHT Weekender's removable zip pouch for easy access to phone, wallet, and other small items. Cheers to 3 for 3!

Test 4 ensured that our tote could complete the round trip. In test environments that included planes, trains, and automobiles (and bikes!), the RHT Weekender handled everything we could throw at it.

Back to the office for now, where we'll be thinking of more diabolical ways to put our RHT totes through their paces. Don't worry–when we do, we'll keep you in the loop.